It's never too late to make a change. 

All you need is to be willing to go.


I'm Matthew Rogers, and I am a creative partner to CEO's, creative entrepreneurs and top-level stake holders who are invested in a meaningful mission, process and brand experience. Recently, I've been exploring a nomadic creative lifestyle.

I write about what I see

What I experience, and what moves me as I make my way across North and South America. Whether it be the impact of design on the real world (or vice versa), lessons learned from doing creative work on the go, navigating the process of a big change, or life on the road - my intention is to inspire and teach as much as I can. 


Design is not just a consideration of aesthetic.

Or a collection of arbitrary best practices.

Design, for me, is an investment in research, strong fundamentals, meaningful collaboration and execution based on one simple benchmark:

Are we addressing the problems in the present that can convert into capital tomorrow?

If this sounds like the start of a deeper conversation on what smart, evidence-based design can do for your business ... well, that’s because it is.

I love meeting new people.

Connection is a big part of my lifestyle and my work. It's a big factor in why I decided to break free of location-dependence and hit the road.

So please, reach out and connect with me. I'll only bite if you ask nicely.

Where to find me:

Twitter: @GoMatthewRV

Facebook: Go Matthew

Instagram: @GoMatthewRV

email: me [at] gomatthew [dot] com

Want to connect in person? Perhaps we can grab a cup of coffee or a beer and talk about what moves you as a creative person/human being. To see if I'm coming through your neck of the woods, check out my travel calendar and shoot me a line.