Working with me is an investment in smart, evidence based design.

More importantly, it's an investment in research, strong fundamentals, meaningful collaboration and execution based on one simple benchmark: Are we addressing the problems in the present that can convert into capital tomorrow?

Branding is pretty simple to me.

Brands, large or small, can no longer rely on intrigue and entertainment alone to engage their audience. Like the agency model, it's being replaced by a new approach, for an increasingly sophisticated market. The future of branding is in a immersive language that relies heavily on evolving technologies and provides a deeper, more meaningful exchange.

If you take away the fluff and find out what your brand does, who for and why they should care, then everything can derive from that. It’s the abstract essence of a company, and the one thing that has a shot of connecting on a human level.

Unfortunately, an industry mired in trend chasing and navel gazing has over-complicated good design by selling the polish as opposed to the process. Fortunately, the experiences of building design partnerships and working with many companies taught me that pixel-pushing serves no one.

I design based on strong fundamentals, not trends. In fact, I'm relatively trend agnostic. This allows me to deliver the most logical and effective way to guide my clients from challenge to solution.

So while my processes evolve as technology evolves - the core principles of good, smart design do not.

Years of learning how to critically and strategically think through design problems, and to become flexible and move between multiple roles as needed, has earned me deeper knowledge of various systems and circumstances, and helps me better understand the challenges being managed at every level of a project. Which is why my clients trust me do the research, share a meaningful discussion on the science behind my decisions, and execute based on sound reasoning.

The Ultimate Question: Are you just trying to sell people more stuff or do you care about my world and want to make it better?

For over a decade, I’ve taken one month off each year to explore and experience new things and recharge my creative spirit ... But I'd never entertained the possibility of combining the lifestyle that I value most with the kind of work that creatively fuels me. If creating great work for my clients was the goal, I'd have to immerse myself in insights only found by being there.