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'Mantrafesto' for myself and for my clients.


Mantra + Manifesto = Mantrafesto :)


1: My mission is to live & work with intention.

After 12+ years of building partnership-based design firms and working in startups, I decided to transform my business and travel. I’m traveling because it’s cheaper, more productive, and more inspiring than sitting in one place.

2: Question conventional methods and revolt against the ‘been done before’ model. 

Convention gives the illusion of safety or the mitigation of risk without actually thinking about it. It feels less risky to stick to what’s worked or what others are doing, but this is the first step to a failed project. My job is to challenge you, ask tons of questions, listen, and then move forward through uneasiness.

What I love about collaborating with Matthew the most is that he doesn’t just “think” outside of the proverbial box - he challenges you to do so and then presents applicable ideas to make it happen.
— Brett Henley, Writer + Storyteller + Content Strategist

3: Work with sincerity, communicate honestly, and have tons of fun.

Doing great creative work is derived from honesty and joy. This isn’t about bloated budgets, blown deadlines and unnecessary meetings. I immediately focus on sketching visuals for branding OR going straight to browser for website design and web development. Within days, you will have something to explore and begin the refinement process.

4: Focus on the value. 

What's good for the client is what's good for me. Many design agencies focus on the minutes they spend on a project — and bill accordingly — instead of the longterm value created for your company and brand. A company’s ‘Brand’ is simply the connection between its belief and its behavior and I believe traditional agency billing does you a massive disservice.

Matthew is easily the best investment our company made. We couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership and would recommend him above anyone else for web design and branding.

— Suzette Lane